13th May 2017
Chorley Market 10am-1pm
21st May 2017
Mayor's Civic Event - 11:45am - 12:30pm
9th June 2017
Whit Friday Marches at Saddleworth
11th June 2017
Sadden Walking Day - time to be confirmed
1st July 2017
Euxton Gala Day - time to be confirmed
8th Nov 2015
Chorley Remembrance Day 10:30am to 11:30am at Astley Park
The band played at Chorley Cenotaph in Astley Park today and it was a very damp and cold day. The band as a whole played quite well and started good, the tunes played were Colne (10), Eventide (29), Lloyd (43) and God Save The Queen (61) in the hymn books.  We were provided with chairs which was helpful as there was a lot of waiting around to play. Despite this everyone was very polite and respectful whilst the remembrance ceremony was going on.  A massive thank you and well done must go to James Gibson for playing the Last Post and doing a suberb job. Also thanks to Edward, Tilly, Liam, Jonathon, Mike, Caitlin, James G, Hannah for all being there today. Everyone played really well, good job!                                            

Written by James Hartley (trombone)

The Lancashire Telegraph article can be seen
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21st Nov 2015
Chorley Cricket Club Winter Event at the Club 8pm to 9pm
Chorley Silver Band report for concert at Chorley cricket club, 21st November, 2015.
Overall the concert was quite a success, the band played well despite having an intense rehearsal that morning. We played multiple pieces including some carols to get in to the festive spirit. Massive congratulations must go to James Gibson for performing his solo very well in ‘new world’ and to Jonathon for his beautiful solo in ‘Little Prayer’. A large thank you goes out to all the Rivington players (Alex Huyton, Katie, Cade and Elana) and all the band members who performed - James H, James G, Caitlin, Cameron, Jonathon, Liam, Glen and Sue. Sue and Glen are improving rapidly, well done you two!

Written by James Hartley
5th Dec 2015
Chorley Scouts Campfire and Carols 7pm - 9pm at Bibby’s Farm Scout Camp Site and Activity Centre, Charnock Back Lane, Heath Charnock, Chorley PR6 9DL. Please can players arrive for 6:45pm.
11th Dec 2015
Mayor’s Christmas By Candlelight at Astley Hall
This event overall was a fair success, everyone who came played well and the audience really seemed to enjoy it. Everyone got food which is always a bonus! In total it was around half an hour and the carols played were just the normal run through starting from number 12 (away in a manger). Due to how fragile the building is, only 6 of us were able to play. Those that played were Aaron, James H, Jonathan Morris, David Morris, Glen Morris and Cameron Oxley. Thank you to all of you and especially David for helping out and leading the band. Looking forward to more carols soon...

Written by James Hartley (trombone)
17th Dec 2015
Parklands School Christmas Event at 7pm.
On arrival at 6:30pm please use the side entrance (on the Chorley side rather than the main entrance on Southport Road).

We will be playing as people arrive and again during the interval. We expect to finish circa 9:00pm.

For those parents who want to stay for the full concert the tickets are £3.
19th Dec 2015
Chorley Golf Club Christmas Event at 8:30pm